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Do I Really Need to Be Baptized?

The short answer is YES! Baptism is something all Christians are expected to do! (Matthew 28:19, Acts 2:38)

It's one of those non-negotiables.

The very last thing Jesus said before he ascended

to heaven is found in Matthew 28:19.

All followers of Jesus should have at least two stories:

• The time and place they gave their lives to Christ.

• The time and place they were baptized.

Baptism has always been a sign.

• A sign of following Jesus in death, then joining him in a new life.

• A sign of repentance.

• A sign of identifying with Jesus and following him.

Romans 6:1-5 show us what happens in baptism. When we go under the water, we leave the old country of sin behind. When we come up out of the water, we enter into the new country of grace — a new life in a new land!

Here is my challenge for you - make a MOVE! If you are ready to get baptized, sign up for our June Baptism HERE.

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